Systemic Movements
Leadership- and Teamdevelopement

Expansion and success come through acknowledgement of the business system order !

Each one of us is integrated in various systems, for example:
family, profession, country, religious community, association.

Each system has its own order. When one of the systems gets into disorder, it generates an imbalance. Thus, one part of this system becomes busy to compensate for that imbalance. At every level of hierarchy, a number of resources will be tied up and won’t be available any more for the actual job. In this way, the growth and the development of the business company will be hampered.

If the source of the disorder is recognized and corrected, all of the members within the system move back to their respective position within the business. Consequently, each member follows his responsible role and duty and as a result, the company achieves expansion and success.

Dates Monday, 3. June 2019, 2 pm - Saturday, 8. June 2019, 2 pm
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